Jeanne Marie Cosmetics

C-LECT Vitamin C Serum

Youth-Giving High Potency** Chemical Free** Professional Grade Vitamin C Serum** Builds Collagen and Elastin Feeds the Deeper Layers of the Dermis to Plump the New Skin Cells to surface as smooth, not flat that may increase wrinlkes.  Apply every day to face, neck and eye area under make-up or alone and see the immediate difference in your skin. For best results, use C Serum first and Dee-Bold Firm Serum over that and under your make-up.

**Human's are the only beings on the planet that don't produce their own vitamin C. A soluble vitamin C is crucial to the health and youth of skin. If you can only afford one skin care product to ensure the best for the health and look of your skin, it would be this Vitamin C-Lect Serum. *Note: Our C Serum is less than half the price than other C Serums and without all of the chemical additives.

**Note: Chemical additives in skin products defeat the whole purpose, as they may produce adverse effects and are drying to the skin.