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This most popular face wash is also a makeup remover, gentle exfoliator, (defoliator) with an added benefit; it also makes skin appear younger as well. If you consider that one of the best ways to keep your skin looking youthful is to slough off the dead outer skin cells, then this is one way of doing so on a daily basis without harshness, chemicals or parabens.

For All Skin Types, for men and women. Contains Dead Sea Salts, for its purifying properties, shea butter from the Shea Tree Butyrosperum Parkii in Central Africa. This concentrated formula protects the skin from a harsh environment such as the sun and helps prevent loss of moisture. Also contains papaya fruit extract and jojoba beads, with natural exfoliating properties, and licorice root extract for it's anti-inflammatory properties. 

**May also be used to cleanse, smooth and polish the entire body.  

**A note from Jeanne Marie: 

I make it a habit to only carry products that are chemical free, that work well and that give you positive visible results. This product is on the top of the list for cleansing, renewing and giving youth to the skin, and my own personal favorite. It completely removes your makeup and I get reports that it also keeps the skin clear, too.  I work with many on-air media and politicians. Here are a couple of quotes:

"I can't live without the Shea Skin Polish! After I wash my face with it, I use the same wash cloth to smooth any rough areas on my legs and arms as well. My kids say how smooth my arms are. I think I look younger too." M.W. ABC News

"I've never found a cleanser like this, I love it!" S. C. FOX News  


Written by Jeanne Marie — January 23, 2016

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