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It's a new year and new energy is in the air. We have some new exciting products that we have found to work quite well.  Before putting anything new on our web site, first, one of our 6 USA labs creates cutting edge skin care products with only beneficial skin and body ingredients. They are then lab tested for proven test results. I then isolate and test them for specific results. Only then, when we are sure the ingredients and results are excellent and up to our standards, is when we allow them to be placed on the web site and released to the public.  

Here are a couple of new products:

1- ALA Eye & Neck Lifting Creme: with Peptides, Co Q 10, Vitamins A, C, E & K 

**Anti-aging, dark circles, and lifting effects. For all Skin Types *Apply to under eye and on neck area every night. May be used during day as well. 

**A note from Jeanne Marie:

It is very hard to find a good eye creme that won't irritate your skin or eyes. It is much more common to find irritating ones rather than good ones that not only won't irritate, but will actually soothe, smooth and firm the delicate eye tissue. The ALA Eye & Neck Lifting Creme does just that and doubles as a firming neck creme as well. 

2- Luminous Peptide Serum: with CoQ10, Natural Brighteners, and Sodium Hyaluronate-(or Hyaluronic)

Holds up to a thousand times it's weight in moisture retention properties. Clinical test results in reduction of deep wrinkles 44%, reduction of main wrinkle density 37% and lifting effect increase by 16%. Contains Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 -topical botox which relaxes the muscles that causes forehead wrinkles.

**Apply to face and neck overnight before night creme, or massage on skin and leave on .5-1 hour and use cleansing brush, rinse face and apply a moisturizer or Vitamin C Serum. or may be applied before moisturizer or sun protection.

**A note from Jeanne Marie:

There are clients that affectionately call this Luminous Peptide Serum "Liquid Botox". By using this Serum, they have stopped getting the botox injections. This light magical, peptide serum slides on and transforms skin from creases to smooth skin. After applying it, massage in circular motions on skin and see and feel the new skin smoothness!   





Written by Jeanne Marie — January 01, 2016

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