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The hours that we spend sleeping is a time for rejuvenation and healing. Sleep time can also be a time that either benefits the skin or some-what not. 

Certain sleeping positions can increase the formation of lines or creases, so why not practice some sleeping techniques that benefit the youthful look of the skin instead?

To avoid the increase of lines and wrinkles around the face and neck areas, try sleeping with your head back a bit rather than chin down and tucked in. Here's what to do: Before falling off to sleep, get into an elongated position or even knees bent and body slightly to one side, now rock the head back and tuck the pillow under your neck. Make sure it is comfortable and not stressing the neck or back. Now also drop the jaw and relax. (A tight jaw can create lines around the mouth, jaw and upper neck areas). This doesn't make you a "mouth breather" per say, you still fall asleep breathing through the nose, but you may be more relaxed. Taking a few deep breaths is also a good relaxing sleep aid, short of actual meditation techniques. **Especially for women, this body position helps to diminish the creases that form in the center of the chest area too. 

**Be aware of the way you are holding your face during your waking hours as well. A tight position on your face, squinting, even biting your lip with enough repetition can create unwanted creases or facial lines. Dropping and letting go is good for your face and neck muscles and skin, and it might just help lower your blood pressure as well. It may also improve posture too. Deep breathing and relaxing more is always a good thing.

Written by Jeanne Marie — March 06, 2016

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